Sorry I’ve been AWOL from this blog but my parents always told me that if you didn’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.  So that’s what I did.  However!

This new HUD is the BOMB!!!  A must have for all of us dancers who show at different venues and are constantly being reminded to change our tags.  I’ve been wearing it now for a while and gifted it to some friends, who all love it too.

This HUD will automatically change your group tag to whatever group you tell it to for parcels and regions.  You set it up one time and then every time you go back to that location your tag will automatically change.  So now Wiz and Kyra do not need to IM me about changing my tag all the time.  You can both still IM me for chit chat though.  LOL

I suggest it be a staple of every dancer who travels around various venues tool bag.

after I had mine set up with all the groups I needed in it, including my favorite stores, I slid it off the screen so I don’t even see it, it just works for me behind the scenes.  Oh and best part, it locks, so it will not change with your outfits!

From the market place listing:

This HUD will automatically change your active
group when teleporting into a region or simply crossing a sim boundary. It can be setup to change groups at the Parcel level as well as the Region level and if a Parcel within a Region and the Region itself are both listed, the Parcel entry takes priority. This HUD can also be configured to set a default group, or even unset active group, if no association is found for the region you just entered.

This HUD requires RLV/RLVa to be active on your viewer. You do not need a relay device however. The official Linden Labs viewer does not have this functionality and as a result this gadget will not work on that viewer. I have tested this gadget on the Firestorm and Singularity viewers.

The HUD can also attach items for a group when that group is set active, and detach that item when the group is changed out of. Handy for combat meters in combat sims, or a dance HUD at your favorite nightclub.

So go get it!!




The MH10 Altamura Mesh Body

Yes, it’s true.  Altamura is giving away a free bento mesh body with head for round 10 of the Men Only Hunt.  This is what it looks like.  The alpha HUD is great, the dots remove the sections or you can click the individual parts.  There’s a lot of them for sure.  However the HUD does not minimize that I could find. The body, head, hands, feet are all one piece.  You can not change the skin color as you can see I still had my regular skin hands on with this one and they are much darker.  Overall it’s a decent bento mesh avatar for someone starting out.

460ce967698b38c4051a0f11005633f0 f747cf0e51d5aaca5a5ec55ee9fb6419I tried to change the skin tone and put on a base hair but it did not work.  I discovered that the Aesthetic and TMP clothing fit it rather well depending on how much bulk you give him.  He has the typical square jowls that is so popular in SL men’s heads for some reason and are near impossible to soften.

Then I alpha’d out the head and put on the Aaron Altamura Bento Head I had and it fit like a glove, however, even on the lightest skin tone it is still darker than the one you get on the hunt.

untitledOverall a very cool avatar and really awesome of Altamura to be giving it on the hunt.  The hunt has some great prizes so if you haven’t had a chance yet you should definitely go do it before the end of the month.

MEN ONLY HUNT 10 – 10/7/2017 through 10/28/2017

Get the Hud:

Meet NX-Nardcotix David by Nardya Rousselot

Nardcotix male

Another one with the hands and feet attached to the body with easy clicks to hide them and add Slink.  The hands are bento hands and move smoothly with the Vista AO I use at times.  It has an Omega relay on the market place.

It’s a bit bulky in the same shape the others were however lots of slider action on the love handles and saddle bags can give it more shape.  When testing clothes a few of the alphas were showing here and there but otherwise it was okay with most mesh clothing. One draw back is that it has only two layers, skin and tattoo.  Which means that wearing an applied shirt will cancel out your tattoo.  It also has only 5 alpha save spots which is less than most mesh bodies come with.  It has a lot of options for the nails but no way to apply more. And a complaint I saw by some guys on a forum were not happy that any of these men’s nails come in any lengths.  Would be good to have claws some times, rawr.

Overall, for the price, it is not a bad mesh body and easy to use, it’s a good median between the extreme of Aesthetic and the leaner bodies. Your hands don’t come off when you wear something.  The body and extremities are well defined, although when I applied my Labyrinth skin it was slightly off in the toes and he center front but nothing noticeable unless you examine it closely.

Price: L$1,750

FEATURES include but not limited to:

  • 10 Finger nail and toe nail polishes
  • Tinting and material manipulation for skin, finger nails and toe nails
  • 350 alpha cuts with section presets
  • 5 alpha saving slots
  • Upper and lower body tattoo layer with material manipulation
  • Tattoo transparency manipulation
  • Neck sheath fix
  • Slink feet compatible option
  • Bento Hands with 4 hand pose presets and third party compatible
  • Removable body scripts
  • Update checker
  • Omega Compatible
More In-depth Review & Video by Strawberry Singh

Meet Altamura Albert by Rumegusc Altamura

This week I tried three mesh bodies. The Altamura Albert by Rumegusc Altamura, the Belleza Jake by Tricky Boucher and Shyla Diggs, and the Nardcotix David by Nardya Rousselot. I already have the Adam by Ginger Chevalier and the Signature Gianni by Mona Delpiaz on Sebastain and the Niramyth Aesthetic both Enzo and Smith by Hydrogen Excelsior on Talion.

But these recently came out and I figured I’d give them a shot. Biggest difference with these three is there are no parts. The body, hands, and feet are all one piece. Which for guys like me trying to keep up with five pieces, this is kind of cool. They all had bento hands which had random movements and worked well with the Vista Bento AO that I use at times.

I took a picture of each body without any shape change, or Photoshopped Windlights; I used my regular shape and the skin shade that came with the body closest to my own.

Altamura male

The Altamura Albert by Rumegusc Altamura was a little bit of a learning curve. The HUD is not totally obvious, but once you get the hang of what all the buttons do then it’s actually really cool. You have the option to choose Micro, Macro and Mid area alpha sections. You can view the alphas via a very detailed map or as a picture of the avatar as in the picture above.

One big thing about this avatar is that the head comes attached. It is bento and somewhat modifiable. I say somewhat because try as I might I could not get the square jaw out of the features however I have had that problem with all the heads I demoed. Overall it is easy to use being all one piece and with two HUDs, one for body and one for the head. It has an Omega relay on the market place. Overall it is a decent mesh body and easy to use.

My attempt at shaping the head:

  • Couldn’t get the jaws to not be so squared
  • Eyebrows and eye make up are WAY too feminine but there is a no eyebrow version
  • And as with every mesh head the lips just don’t look right to me

It IS better than most.


FEATURES include but not limited to:

  • Tinting and material manipulation for skin, finger nails and toe nails
  • Individual finger nail and toe nail manipulation
  • 350 alpha cuts with section presets with 5 alpha saving slots
  • Upper and lower body tattoo layer with material manipulation
  • Tattoo transparency manipulation
  • Slink feet compatible option
  • Bento Hands with 4 hand pose presets and third party compatible
  • Removable body scripts
  • Free updates