Fenrir’s Brethren


Leaders: Talion Magic & Quyten Yalin

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Members: Tend to accept shifters, but will accept vampires and Fae and the occasional human, depending on if they are of a benefit to the overall faction or not.

Mission Statement: To make money to support the group, run businesses or gain income from other businesses for protection against theft and destruction.  To keep an upper hand in most economic trade in the area as well as gain anything they can either through coercion or force.


Usura Coactum Per Arma Vulgus Victum – Through Force Of Arms, We Conquer

Cappo de Cappos (The Don):  Talion Magic
Senior Counsel:  Quyten Yalin
Minister of Defense: Payne
Minister of Internal Affairs: Sil
Minister of Finance:

Section I: State of Existence
This charter, Incognito, written, February 28, 2011, to establish the existence of  Fenrir’s Brethren, sometimes referred to as the Dark Brotherhood, and the rights of all members of the Brethren Family. Any member in violation of Incognito will be dealt with in accordance of the order of Family Justice and Law. The Brethren has established its self as a prominent economical presence in the WoodBourne area and surrounding regions and serves as a protectorate of the  New Order through the laws and treaties arranged between those who would need the protection that the Brethren offers.

Section II: Application for Membership, and Right to Deny Membership

Article I: Blood Oath – Any person may apply for membership and Inductance into the Family and must blood oath to  both Cappo de Cappos (the Dons).  Through the sharing of blood, the ties between the members is connected and the Don’s can find you when they have need of you.  As well as giving and recieving strength through the blood.
Article II: Omertá – Applicants must complete our Omertá and comply with the Oath of silence. (Note 1)

Article III: Rejection and Removal – Applicants can be rejected membership into the Family for no reason without argument. Applicants will not be accepted IF:

  • We are currently at war
  • They are currently aiding a Faction serving in a major conflict
  • They are currently aiding a known rogue or a member on the Hit list
  • They are currently a member of another alliance or Faction
  • They have a past history of  disloyal behavior

Section III: Rights and Values of the Family

Article I:  Family Members of Fenrir’s Brethren are like family and thus they respect each other as such. Chivalry is a much desired trait and one that members of the Brethren should display. Family members should be willing to help other family members out in times of need with nothing expected in return. Family members should treat each other with respect and good will.

Article II: Superiors – Members of the Brethren are expected to treat their superiors with respect at all times and to follow orders.

Section IV: Freedom of Information

Article I: Right to Request – Any member of the Brethren has the right to request viewing to de-classified documents and classified documents that the Commission has approved for viewing.

Article II: Denial of Request – The Commission, along with the Senior Council has the ability to deny any request made by a member on the grounds it could risk the security of the Brethren.

Article III: Classification – Classified Information will be declassified by either the Senior Council or the Commission once it has been determined the information will not risk the security of the Family.

Section V: Hierarchy

Article I: Cappo de Cappos (The Don) – The Hierarchy of  Fenrir’s Brethren consists of the Head of State, The Don, accepts the counsel of  the Commission. The Don has veto powers but is trusted to only use them when deemed necessary.

Fenrir’s Brethren’s leader is the Head of State (other titles for the same position include The Don, Cappo de Cappos, and the God Father) who over sees all activities in the Brethren and watches the Senior Counsel and the Commission.

Article II:  Senior Counsel – Senior Counsel is the right hand and voice of the Don.  The Senior Counsel helps run the various departments of the Brethren based of the protocol developed by the Commission and the Head of State. The Senior Counsel helps run the Departments of War and Finance.

Article III: The Commission – The Commission is a group of Family members who act as advisors to the Head of State and are appointed by the Head of State. There is no set number of Commission members. Their duties are varied based on the needs of the Head of State. The Commission work with the Head of State to run the Brethren.

Section VI: Head of State, The Cappo de Cappos

Article I: Term of Service – The Head of State will serve for an unspecified period of time. The Head of State may serve of as long as they wish.

Article II: Signature – The Signature of the head of State is required on all major treaties  and in an amendment to Incognito.

Article III: Appointments – The Head of State is the only person who has the power to appoint a member of the Mafia as the Senior Counsel.

Article IV:  Replacement – The Head of State selects his own replacement when he is ready to step down. In the case a replacement is not selected by the Head of State, the Commission will select a replacement.  Unless the position is taken over by Fenrir’s law of Right by Force.

Section VII: The Senior Counsel and Commission

Article I: Appointment – Members of the Senior Counsel are appointed by the Head of State., either by direct choice or Fenrir’s Law of Right by Force.

Article II: Minister of Defense – Provides protection for members of the Family by any means necessary. Works to the best of their ability to organize military divisions and create battle plans during times of hardship. Work alongside the Head of State and the Senior Counsel in times of war to help organize battle plans and target lists. The Minister of Defense is also required to read and agree via signature to any treaties or alliances the Family participates in.

Article V: Minister of Internal Affairs – The Minister of Internal Affairs is responsible for keeping the Family active on the Mafia forums, handling complaints and questions, and screening potential members of the Brethren. The Minister of Internal Affairs is also in charge of making sure that no spies are situated in the Family and is also responsible for making sure members of the Family are punished correctly if found guilty.

Article VI: Minister of Finance – The Minister of Finance is in control of the Family banking system.  Also in charge of collecting revenue from the various holdings the Family has around the area and making reports of  the results back to the Don and the Senior Counsel.

Note 1:Omertà is a code of silence, according to one of the first Mafia researchers Antonio Cutrera, a former officer of public security, that seals lips of men even in their own defense and even when the accused is innocent of charged crimes. Cutrera quoted a native saying first uttered (so goes the legend) by a wounded man to his assailant: “If I live, I’ll kill you. If I die, I forgive you.”

A more popular and more simplified definition of the code of omertà is: “Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without police protection is both. It is as cowardly to betray an offender to justice, even though his offences be against yourself, as it is not to avenge an injury by violence. It is dastardly and contemptible in a wounded man to betray the name of his assailant, because if he recovers, he must naturally expect to take vengeance himself.”

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