The MH10 Altamura Mesh Body

Yes, it’s true.  Altamura is giving away a free bento mesh body with head for round 10 of the Men Only Hunt.  This is what it looks like.  The alpha HUD is great, the dots remove the sections or you can click the individual parts.  There’s a lot of them for sure.  However the HUD does not minimize that I could find. The body, head, hands, feet are all one piece.  You can not change the skin color as you can see I still had my regular skin hands on with this one and they are much darker.  Overall it’s a decent bento mesh avatar for someone starting out.

460ce967698b38c4051a0f11005633f0 f747cf0e51d5aaca5a5ec55ee9fb6419I tried to change the skin tone and put on a base hair but it did not work.  I discovered that the Aesthetic and TMP clothing fit it rather well depending on how much bulk you give him.  He has the typical square jowls that is so popular in SL men’s heads for some reason and are near impossible to soften.

Then I alpha’d out the head and put on the Aaron Altamura Bento Head I had and it fit like a glove, however, even on the lightest skin tone it is still darker than the one you get on the hunt.

untitledOverall a very cool avatar and really awesome of Altamura to be giving it on the hunt.  The hunt has some great prizes so if you haven’t had a chance yet you should definitely go do it before the end of the month.

MEN ONLY HUNT 10 – 10/7/2017 through 10/28/2017

Get the Hud:

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