Now that the MIM show is over and I can think again…  I really do not know how people who do that every week manage it.  It’s hard enough for me to get three shows out a year.  At any rate, something I simply wanted to bring to people’s awareness is discrimination.  Take a look at the pictures below.  They both showed up on my Facebook feed on the same day.  Essentially stating that as a man, if I hit a woman I am cursed, however, women can hit me all they want to.  WTF?!  Granted a lot of people have been burned by their partners. But this is what we teach our children.  This is discrimination, period.  No one should be encouraged to hit anyone.

Did you know that while the national domestic violence law is written in gender neutral wording, it is still called the Violence Against WOMEN Act. The law gives men the same legal protections against domestic violence, but in practice they are usually the first to be arrested in any domestic violence call.  So it stands to reason that most women can pretty much freely abuse men and will not get punished for it, ever. And not only that but seem to be encouraged to do so.

Such is obviously not the case for men.

  • Male survivors of sexual assault are marginalized and ignored even more than women are. It’s made worse by the frequent assumption that sexual assault and/or rape is something that “only” happens to women, and by the equally sexist assumption that men always want sex, thus if a man is sexually assaulted by a woman he “should” enjoy it.
  • Breast and prostate-cancer have similar incidence and mortality-rates, yet a lot more is spent both on research into and screening for breast-cancer.
  • Men are 2 to 5 times more likely to commit suicide.
  • Men are forced to pay child support under almost every scenario; even when they’re victims of statutory rape.
  • You only need to read your Facebook feed to figure out the narrative that is going on against men. Men always cheat, all women are different but all men are the same, men are the problem in their relationships, never the women, it is funny to make fun of male-stereotypes but make one comment about women… We get these motivational quotes: “Every woman deserves a man who loves her…” , but if we would reverse it: “Every man deserves a woman who loves him” people would be reacting to it in complete anger: “WHAT EVERY GUY?!! F*** OFF!” Women are angels, mothers are all-knowing and no woman should never bow down to a man, but men should grovel at women’s feet.
  • About once a week I see a meme or post from mothers essentially putting fathers down.
  • And on almost every commercial who is the stupid one, yep you guessed it, men.  Because men won’t sue them for it.
  • And in our Second Life notice how women treat the men because they are in their virtual safety net.

I’m not saying that there aren’t bad people out there, there are. This entry is not meant to complain, or to accuse, or necessarily be negative; it is to bring awareness.  Just be aware that we are all bearing our own weights and discriminations.


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