I Want To Dance With Somebody

Some one asked me once where I find my music. Well I’ve always been rather eclectic when it comes to the kind of music I like. I was raised on Big Band, Lawrence Welk, and Glen Miller. When I was a bartender I worked for large parties which included dance parties and weddings, lots of music there. Growing up in the 60s,70s, and 80s I listened to a lot of music. I also traveled the world when I was younger and was introduced to all kinds of foreign and traditional music as well. I was in chorus and theater throughout High School. So as you can see my entire life was filled with music. I even have a form of tinnitus that causes me to hear music in silence. I also listen to the top 40 on Spotify or their Discover Weekly channel. And my son especially keeps me abreast of the music he is into currently. My favorite music is Blues, Swing, and Jazz. I was in a band but we sang pirate dittys and 12th century bawdy bar songs.

So when it comes to creating dances in Second Life I have a lot of songs I’d like to do, even before I begin. Sometimes it starts with a stage, like for Sweet Dreams. Or it can start with a costume, such is the case for Kuzu, Mr. Pinstripe, and a future dance regarding pearls.

But this is about Bebe Rexha – The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody) feat. Lil Wayne. I found this one on YouTube while viewing videos of the top 40 hits of the last week. I liked it’s up beat tune and the message, “Love me the way I are.” I wanted to show a lot of different dance types in the dance to show that we all dance to the beat of our own drummers. 15 people and 11 dance types were shown in 3 minutes. Types of dance included, Ballet, Bollywood, Belly, Breakdance, Tap, Krump, Popping, Tap, Irish step, Country step, and Hip Hop.

So if you have the chance, I hope you dance. And if you dance, I hope you dance with Somebody.

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