Glitter in the Air


Glitter in the air all started from watching the video of Pink’s performance at the Grammy’s.  Jo likes to do ballet and I could not figure out how to do the scarf dancing in Second Life but the trapeze part looked doable.  I told her to create the choreo for her ballet on the stage and I would take care of the rest.  I built the stage simply with a highlighted spot for her to dance in and thinking of ‘glitter in the air’ the whole time.  I even had a huge cloud of glitter descend on the audience toward the end of the dance showering everyone in glitter.

That left the trapeze.  At first I had to find the animations which I managed to do from several trapeze photography poses and some trapeze’s themselves.  Then I wanted to do three people on it at first and I started using waypoints… Scrap that, in order to have all the animations and poses work based on their center roots and also move around and around in the air it would take a phenomenal amount of waypoints and a lot of that thing we all hate so much, maths.

Next I tried the old SexGen bed system however that brought up a new issue.  It rezzes poseballs and they do not move around with the trapeze.  Scrap that.  My friend Fukuju told me about AVSitter.  Figured I would try it.  Begin a huge learning curve, lots of cussing, a few virtual throwing of materials, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  Took me almost two weeks to get a fuller understanding of how it worked and what to do and how to make two people work on the trapeze system.  The AVSitter also has a routine option so I set that up to run during the song.

Here is how the trapeze works.  Two trapeze bars with balloons are décor as well as the stars that hang between them.  Invisible is two pyramids. One on the top above the balloons and one between the bars.  The one on the top handles the Spot on Mover and the rotation script which is inside the mover attached to the pyramid.  The one between the bars holds the animations and the AVSitter scripts.  The routine allows for one click action.  I see Jo start to dance below us and I hit play.  Sit back, watch the show.  I do also have to click play on a PD hud as well but only has emotes in it to control the movers that move the trapeze into place before the dance and bring the glitter down over the audience.

Jo has all the hard work below us.  She uses her PD and mover to dance her ballet to the music.  And finding the particle scarf to represent the scarf dancing as much as we could was icing on the cake.  A team effort for sure.

Glitter in the Air - Jo.png

To me it became our voice for Cancer awareness. This was a dance that I lost when I lost most all of them.  I was asked to be in the BE ART opening dance show and had already had “Hey Sexy Lady” by Shaggy ready.  But to me, Glitter was an artistic dance and I wanted to show it for this show.  So, begin again…

In two days I recreated the dance.  About 2 hours before the show I was ready to throw it all out because the sequencing routine was not working for me and I was stressed from pushing myself on this.  But I went off to one of Eva’s workshops and came back and it all slid into place. Fifteen minutes before show time I was throwing the rezzer out getting everything aligned.  Pushing poor Zach to find clothes I no longer had a style card for and in the rush of getting everything in place, getting Jo to get her pad out, and let Cara know (who I did warn before this) that I had indeed accomplished it and was doing Glitter for the show.  Zach and Ame were troupers and found the fit while I freaked out and helped save the day.  It was a success and wowed the audience like it did the first time is was shown.  I was so happy to have Glitter back.

I do have in my plans to make a version of trapeze dance to Pinks, “Sober” along with drunk ballerina and aerial acrobatics.

 Songs mentioned are copyright of their respective creators, I take no ownership of the songs, only my interpretation of them in dance in Second Life.

3 thoughts on “Glitter in the Air

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  2. I absolutely love this blog entry – and so wish I could’ve seen this act! I was late to this show due to another prior commitment – what a truly perfect place it was to perform this! So very well done on thinking outside the box and making it happen. Kudos to all involved! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Seb…you know what this song means to me because of my own cancer journey…P!nk did this at the Grammys while I sat home spellbound and bald as a cueball…..and it reminds me of how far I’ve come. I’m so glad you rescued it; it’s a work of art and magic.

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