Meet Belleza Jake by Tricky Boucher and Shyla Diggs

Belleza male

The new Belleza Jake is getting a lot of talk in the men’s groups in SL.  Many are liking the shape of it.  I would guess that it will probably become third in line of most popular men’s mesh bodies.  It’s very new right now so there is not a lot specifically made for it but you can get mesh clothes to fit it fairly well.

I liked the overall shape of it.  The hands and feet are a part of the body, they are not separate like other mesh bodies.  The HUD has extra tabs I haven’t seen before like articles and outfits. I’ll expand on those a bit more later.  I like that the alpha layer presets have upper and lower arms and legs too.  Only thing I do not like about the HUD is that the body has to turn around with arrows to get to the back.  It can be very slow in laggy areas and you’d only be saved by presets if you had to change fast and modify the back alpha manually.  There are a lot of preset saves.  You can save omega applied skins to the slots on the skin tab and then just apply them later from the Belleza HUD.  This gives you 21 skins on the HUD, 14 Belleza skins and then 7 Omega skins you save to the HUD.  Same with the other tabs.  The Nails tab (both finger and toe) gives you a wide natural selection then gives you the option to tint them with a color picker so you can make various colors.  It also gives you omega applier slots to save nails from other designers.

The interesting thing about this body is the Article and Outfit save tabs.  You can save something like 20 articles of clothing on three layers upper and lower.  For example you have a tank and briefs you like to wear a lot, you can save them as an underwear upper and lower article and wear them at any time by clicking on them in the Article tab.  Same thing with the Outfit tab, you can save full Omega applied outfits to the Belleza HUD to wear at any time.  I have a few dance costumes that are applied, currently with my Signature body I save a separate body, apply the costume to it and save it to an outfit folder and then because I can’t rename the body I save it in a separate folder with the outfit name on it.  No more with Belleza, just save it in the HUD and wear it when you need to.

I tried several outfits on with the body, most mesh fit just fine.  All my shoes worked well.  The feet on this body are good if not a bit flat footed.  Slink feet worked well with it and the shoes for them as well.  Alphas worked good with all the outfits I tried on.  The body is a bit ‘curvier’ than others.  Maybe that’s the way I shaped it but the big running joke among most of us is that most men’s clothing and bodies have no ass.  This one not only had that but a waist and calves that were more defined than the other two as well.  Remember I used my own shape for all of them without any adjusting to the body or special lighting.

This is a great men’s mesh body, small HUD when closed; easy to shape, wears most mesh clothing, works with Omegas.  I can see why it is getting a lot of talk in the men’s groups.

Price: 2,999L @ Belleza

Mesh Body Addicts Jake Review


Belleza Jake mesh body and skin both with and without body hair.  Gabriel mesh hakama. And Coovey, who always likes to get into the picture.

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