Meet Altamura Albert by Rumegusc Altamura

This week I tried three mesh bodies. The Altamura Albert by Rumegusc Altamura, the Belleza Jake by Tricky Boucher and Shyla Diggs, and the Nardcotix David by Nardya Rousselot. I already have the Adam by Ginger Chevalier and the Signature Gianni by Mona Delpiaz on Sebastain and the Niramyth Aesthetic both Enzo and Smith by Hydrogen Excelsior on Talion.

But these recently came out and I figured I’d give them a shot. Biggest difference with these three is there are no parts. The body, hands, and feet are all one piece. Which for guys like me trying to keep up with five pieces, this is kind of cool. They all had bento hands which had random movements and worked well with the Vista Bento AO that I use at times.

I took a picture of each body without any shape change, or Photoshopped Windlights; I used my regular shape and the skin shade that came with the body closest to my own.

Altamura male

The Altamura Albert by Rumegusc Altamura was a little bit of a learning curve. The HUD is not totally obvious, but once you get the hang of what all the buttons do then it’s actually really cool. You have the option to choose Micro, Macro and Mid area alpha sections. You can view the alphas via a very detailed map or as a picture of the avatar as in the picture above.

One big thing about this avatar is that the head comes attached. It is bento and somewhat modifiable. I say somewhat because try as I might I could not get the square jaw out of the features however I have had that problem with all the heads I demoed. Overall it is easy to use being all one piece and with two HUDs, one for body and one for the head. It has an Omega relay on the market place. Overall it is a decent mesh body and easy to use.

My attempt at shaping the head:

  • Couldn’t get the jaws to not be so squared
  • Eyebrows and eye make up are WAY too feminine but there is a no eyebrow version
  • And as with every mesh head the lips just don’t look right to me

It IS better than most.


FEATURES include but not limited to:

  • Tinting and material manipulation for skin, finger nails and toe nails
  • Individual finger nail and toe nail manipulation
  • 350 alpha cuts with section presets with 5 alpha saving slots
  • Upper and lower body tattoo layer with material manipulation
  • Tattoo transparency manipulation
  • Slink feet compatible option
  • Bento Hands with 4 hand pose presets and third party compatible
  • Removable body scripts
  • Free updates


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