The DOL Challenge


I just finished updating the dance I created for the three hour DOL challenge. The challenge included being given a song and then complete a dance for a show within three hours. Well to begin with, the song I got was not one I would pick. I’m still not really sure why I got the international earth impression on it. I think because at the time our country was in turmoil. Being an American I had a bit of an American-centric take on it originally, which I have since cut out.

My interpretation of this dance was to assume that the subject of the song was the earth, or rather the earth’s population. The two things that took the most time during the three hour challenge was finding stage material and boxing the dance. It was the first song I redid after my losses and even when I tried to use better dances they did not seem to fit. So it still has the animations used during the challenge. I removed the USA reference and made it even more global. Overall I’m pleased with how it turned out.

If you’re interested in how other people interpret this somewhat vague song, you can read through several here:

I’m Yours
Jason Mraz

Songwriters: Jason Thomas Mraz
I’m Yours lyrics © Goo Eyed Music

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